Surround your kid’s life with Dua

“I still remember how Mum used to sit next to my bedside reciting Dua for us every night when we were little kids. I could see the barakah in that as I was growing up year by year.”

Dua is one of the most favourite acts of worship that Allah loves. Imagine the Love of Allah showering upon you at all times! Imagine how the consistency of such an act can change your life! From the time we wake up in the morning till the end of the day when we go to sleep, we engage in many activities, going to different places, eating several items. Adding a simple “Bismillah” before everything could put so much barakah in whatever we are doing in a way that we couldn’t even imagine. 

We are the people of Bismillah! We have been blessed with countless duas at every instance of our lives, duas which were taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). And there is no better time than in our children's childhood years to make a solid habit of making dua every day and every moment.

Kids always have curious minds and love to experiment with everything. So instil the Shukr attitude from the time they start their day by putting the Dua of waking up beside their beds. Teach them how much of a big deal it is to get another day and how we should thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to see another beautiful day. 

Who remembers the hadith about the bird who goes out hungry in the morning and comes back with full bellies in the evening? Growing up hearing this story gave me so much confidence. Additionally, every time I recited the Dua of going out which my Mum put on our front door made me feel like I’m that bird, trusting the support of Allah when I’m out. Teaching kids these Duas is an outstanding way to build confidence, instilling complete trust in the Ar-Razzaq (The One who Provides). [Note; always remember to say Salaam when you get back home, It’s Sunnah! 😊]

When we are at home, there are Duas too for each activity. Our Deen is so complete and beautiful that it even teaches us the Dua for going to the restroom. Help kids learn about protecting themselves during their private time at an early age, this will increase the sense of modesty/Hayah in them, trust me! 

Another important Dua that we all must remember is the Dua of eating. Food is a special rizq (blessing) that a lot of people are not fortunate enough to have. As one of the blessed who have foods in our table, we must thank Allah by reciting the Dua of eating

They say Dua changes qadr, so why not build the habit of asking Allah through Dua. It will bring good news to life like you never expected. So gift your kids with Duas around them as they grow up.

Need tips to teach your kids Dua? Simply put the poster of each Dua in its respective places, and the rest will be automatic [make sure you use these posters for yourself in front of your children to show they matter to you too]

[Find all the downloadable posters below]

Here are the list of Duas and places you can choose put for regular memorisation,

Dua for Sleep & waking up: On the wall beside your bed

Dua for going out: At the front door

Dua for entering the house: Place “Salaam” outside of the front door

Dua for travel: On your car's windscreen at the back of the driver's headboard

Dua for Entering and leaving the toilet: In front of the restroom door

Dua for studying: In front of the study table

Dua before eating: Beside your dining table where everyone can see and read (especially your kids)

Dua for putting on clothes: On the closet doors or beside the dressing table