I don't have time to do Dhikr
Have you ever wondered why, despite not missing a single prayer during the day, we still can't connect with Allah during our daily Salah? This was one question I had been asking myself for years until one day, it just hit me with the realization that...

We are frequently oblivious to Allah's presence during the day, forgetting about Him and engaging in activities, and when we suddenly arrive at Salah, deep remembrance of Allah (SWTdoes not occur immediately. Unless or until we have constant engagement with our Creator everyday, it is hard for us to deeply connect with HIM (SWT). 

The Solution? The Habit of Dhikr!!!

Habit offers the pathways to enrichment in life, so why don’t we establish the habit of Dhikr to enrich the rewards for the life in Hereafter?
Frequent remembrance of Allah needs effort and the common claim we offer in regards to this is “I do not have time”. Well actually, the reality is that we do have enough time, but we don't know how to organise it so that we can observe this wonderful form of worship that Allah Himself has taught us to do.
Here are some simple strategies for transforming yourself from a non-Dhikr to a daily-Dhikr person.

Tip #1: Make use of your Phone Screen

Do you know how many times you check your phone every single day? Research says, an average person checks their phone 96 times a day!!! Let's make full use of this habit- By simply putting a wallpaper that says “Alhamdulillah” “SubhanAllah” “AllahuAkbar” on your home screen. It can automatically make you read out the Dhikr at least one time, every time you check your phone. Before you know it, you would have recited this simple Dhikr over 50 times a day. 


Tip #2: Stop being annoyed by Youtube Ads... Do Dhikr instead!

How many of you are super annoyed every time an ad pops up whenever you are watching your favourite Youtube video? I'm definitely included in this category!

Now, why not use this brief window of 5-10 seconds during an ad pop-up to recite Dhikr? Every time the YouTube ads pop up, simply repeat "SubhanAllahi wa bihamdihi SubhanAllahil adheem." You won't be doing anything else at that time anyhow, so taking advantage of this opportunity to earn good deeds/ connect with Allah is definitely worthwhile.

Tip #3: Social Media LIKE & SHARE? Dhikr too!

Consider how frequently you LIKE or SHARE something on Facebook or Instagram. Recite one of your favourite praising words like "Alhamduilillah," "SubhanAllah," or "AllahuAkbar" every time you click the like or share button. In these situations, I normally say "SubhanAllah," so what would you say?

Tip #4: Accepting cookies on websites? Do your Dhikr!

How many websites do you go to on a daily basis? If you count how many there are, it's actually a lot, and almost every page will ask you to allow cookies. We don't have a choice except to make that unwanted click. So, turn that undesirable effort into an opportunity to do more good by just uttering your favourite adhkar whenever you need to click. Guess what? This will increase the amount of dhikr you do on a daily basis.

Do you have a method you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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